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Kids’ pizza parties fun and educational

Are you looking for something different, engaging, fun, educational and offering value for money for your child’s birthday party?

Some of our La Porchetta restaurants offer “Mini Chef Make your Own Pizza Parties” for children aged 5 years and over who are celebrating a birthday.

They will learn how to prepare their own pizza using real techniques and ingredients. These are then popped into the oven and, best of all, children get to eat their creations and share a meal they cooked themselves.

La Porchetta’s children’s parties are a great way to help kids learn about food preparation and have some fun along the way.

The parties include a birthday cake, soft drinks or juice, birthday invitations, a quality La Porchetta chefs apron and hat for the birthday child and a certificate and gift voucher for each child.

Special conditions and party booking times apply. For more information contact your local La Porchetta restaurant.